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We believe that a consistent sleep routine, will optimize your performance, maximize your health, and ultimately your life. Fulfill your life’s purpose with Wisey’s all things sleep.

what makes us tick

A better world one dream at a time

We strive to contribute to a world where sleep and rest are so easy and fuss-free that we can take it for granted. Once and for all.

  • fuss-free sleep experience

    With Wisey, you can confidently embrace a natural, gentle approach to sleep, knowing that our solutions prioritize your health, promote restful nights, and awaken you feeling refreshed and revitalized, day after day.

  • be great, do great

    With Wisey, we embrace the profound connection between sleep and performance, harnessing the transformative power of rest to thrive both physically and mentally.

  • becoming the best you

    By prioritizing quality rest, we experience improved physical and mental health, heightened productivity, and enhanced focus and awareness across all aspects of life.

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what makes us tick

The Story of Us & Wisey

  • The Challenge

    Dylan & Lissette, as active professionals and athletes, were constantly in pursuit of maximizing their days.

  • Lissette

    Lissette, with a problem-solving and operations background, started to think about supplements that would enhance your energy and improve your performance.

  • Dylan

    Dylan, managing multiple companies, was going through a lack of sleep and unproductive days.

  • The Realization

    They both realized that quality sleep was the answer to 90% of their problems.

  • The Wisey Idea

    That's how WISEY came to life. A brand that brings all sleep-related content & products to achieve restful nights, and consequently, successful days.

  • Wisey Sleep

    Our goal is for you to create sustainable habits and activities, and to achieve a healthy sleep-wake cycle.

We offer sleep products that directly enhance your sleep quality.

We provide key sleep insights empowering our community to create sustainable habits and activities, to achieve a healthy sleep-wake cycle.


Great days start the night before